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Camp PEACE needs your support!

Camp PEACE provides children who have witnessed and/or experienced family violence with the tools they need to manage their emotions, form healthy relationships and peacefully solve conflicts now and for the rest of their lives. Camp PEACE is operated by Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence and we charge no fees to our campers' families. By supporting our program, you have the opportunity to have a profound impact, helping a child relate to the world with peacefulness and compassion for the rest of his or her life.

A diverse group of chidlren ages 10-12 placing their hands together in the middle of a group circle
Sponsor our Camp!
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For $1,500, you can become a sponsor of our 2022 Camp PEACE summer session. Your gift invests not only in the future of a single camper, but in the future of this cutting-edge program offering what we feel is the best approach for helping children heal from the pain caused by domestic violence while preventing such violence for future generations.

A Caucasian girl with brown hair and a blue shirt, 5-7 years old, standing next to a metal fence and looking into the camera
Sponsor a Camper!

For $125, you can sponsor a camper for one week at Camp PEACE. Your donation will help a child who has witnessed and/or experienced family violence expand their capacity for compassion as well as learning peaceful conflict resolution skills. Your donation will help a child begin to shed the negative impacts of domestic violence on his or her life and expand their ability to form nurturing, caring relationships.

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